Yogendra Sharma is a poet of patriotism. He is from the district Bhilwala of the Indian state Rajasthan. He is very well known for his performance all over the country. First of all Yogendra Sharma recites his poetic creations in a different manner which is one of its kind. He cover all the important topics while creating his poetry and presents them beautifully. Today poets of veer ras are very much in demand because of the situations of the society. Motivation through poetry is not something new. This kind of motivational ways are common since the era of kingdoms.

Not only in India but also in Europe and other parts of the world these kinds of poems were used to motivate the soldiers of any army. Yogendra Sharma is one of the very few slandered poets of veer ras in the industry. Due to the fact He knows how to recite a poem of veer ras in front of the audience. Other than his poetic image or personality as a poet Yogendra Sharma is a very nice person always smiling hence as a result he is in demand of kavi sammelan organizers all over. He has recited his creations on so many reputed stages including kavi sammelans organized by Baba Ramdev.

Yogendra Sharma

He includes all the important puts of thoughts in his creations. His poetry as well as his performance impresses the audience. If Yogendra Sharma is in any team of a kavi sammelan there is no need to include any other poet of veer ras. As he himself is sufficient to perform for more than one hour alone. In conclusion Not only in Rajasthan rather in all the parts of the country people listen to him with excitement.  Whether it is north India or south India even in far north east he is a popular name of veer ras in the industry.

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