When it comes to humor it has to be Vineet Pandey. Born in Jharkhand Vineet Pandey has amazing presence of mind , quick wit and hard hitting sense of humor makes him first choice as leading laughter performer. His famous poem “main bhool nahi sakta tujhko …” has become hugely popular among youngsters. Vineet Pandey has been a regular guest at various news and entertainment channels.he is recognized for his satirical way of expression on contemporary issues. Recipient of various awards, Vineet Pandey is a top level convener and organizer of All India Kavi Sammelans on all occasions and themes. He is a commerce graduate and has done his Masters in Hindi and Business Administration.

However, unlike other poets who can be categorized in a particular mould of poem rendering , he is a master of many poetry forms. His performance can be considered as melting pot of humor, satire, modernism and nationalism . Starting his journey as a child performer during school days he has covered many mile stones since then. His humor has the capacity to mesmerize you alongside giving an alternative viewpoint on various aspects of life. Much popular in college Kavi Sammelans hes has been invited on various TV channels for his poetry. Facilitated by many national and international institutions he his one of the recipient of the reputed honorary Vidya Vachaspati Sammaan for his contributions.

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