How to participate in Kavi Sammelan. This is a a common question that many poets think of.  Participating directly in an event of Kavi Sammelan is not that simple in this commercial age of poetry. There are many factors which paves the path leading to a big Kavi Sammelan. like what kind of content one should write which is fit for the stage, or the grammatical aspect of different genres of poetry. the body language while performing or the selection of poems and time management according to the theme of the program etc. One must know about these factors before starting as a poetic performer or to participate kavi sammelan. Its rather like the film industry, if you get a push from some one already established, you can get few Kavi Sammelans initially. Otherwise it is a bitter truth that it takes years for some one to self learn and to rise in this industry.

Now the other question rises and that is, from where to learn these things. Here is the answer to the question, at Poets Of India’s poetry session. We as a group of well known and established poets have started a one of its kind program for all aspiring poets. This program includes recitation of your poems in front of a small audience and to learn from an established poets about all the above mentioned factors important for your improvement. In this format we invite a senior and well established Poet who will listen to your poetry and will speak about how to do better with your creations.

Each time when we will call this type of session we will flash a message about it on our Official Twitter handle @poetsofindia and on our Facebook page @thepoetsofindia. you can get the notification by following these handles. Participate kavi sammelan.

So Come, Perform and Learn.

Best of Luck !