Mahendra Ajnabi got his popularity in a very short span of time in Kavi Sammelan industry. He could be seen in maximum programs now a days as he has created his demands on stages. His accurate timing and wonderful style of presentation is unique. He started his journey long back and got active in few years only. Performed on almost all the TV channels he holds the record of being invited in the popular TV show of poetry Wah Wah Kya Baat Hai on SAB TV more than any performer.

Mahendra Ajnabi has recited his creations on every poetic show on television including BIG MAGIC and MAHUA. His poems are different from usual topics used for humorous poetry. Other than humorous creations he also writes on serious topics and presents those poems according to demand of the situation. He has been honored by many organizations for his poetic performances in different parts of world. Mahendra Ajnabi is a renowned name in his field and is in the main stream of Kavi Sammelan Industry.

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