Gajendra Solanki is established as brand name on the stages of Kavi Sammelans. Almost in last two decades he has gained his place in the Hindi poetic world not only by reciting his poems beautifully, but also by hosting the programs successfully with skills in more than 2000 Kavi Sammelans. He has recited his poems from almost all prestigious poetic stages of India and has gained top popularity among the non resident Indians (NRIs) by his abroad poetic journeys. His poetic journeys include USA, Canada, UK, Dubai, Oman, Surinam, Trinidad and Tobago, China, Australia, France, Thailand, Nepal etc.

There is no doubt in the fact that he is an expert in changing the direction of the programs from a high level humor to an energetic patriotism or towards a romantic direction according to the contemporary demand. All the basic and essential components of a stage performance are parts of his skill. He has an equal hand on different forms of poetry. He has always carried his creativity with full devotion and selflessly. He has authored many books and has been honored by many national and international awards he is one of the busiest poets of the nation.

Gajendra Solanki has dedicated himself towards the nation and the tradition of hindi kavi sammelans and considers it as an important part of his mission which is to spread the cultural and traditional values globally through this unique way. Gajendra Solanki has created many platforms for upcoming poets, which is not very commonly seen in the kavi sammelan industry. He also generated, hosted many huge and reputed programs for the development of this industry like the Kavya Kaumudi and Kavya Goshthis and has discovered many talented poets from all over the country. He looks forward to give chances to new poets to perform and also guides them accordingly.

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