Well known for his super hit jokes and poems Ashok Sundrani is established as one of the biggest performers of super hit Kavi Sammelans in all seasons. He has a capability to squeeze humor out of anything. The different touch in his presentation makes his performance a bit more humorous. He is listened by audiences of all age group with same interest. He has got an amazing sense of humor and can create one liners on the spot. Performed in many countries Ashok Sundrani has received many awards and honors for his contribution. He has performed in almost all the poetic TV programs on different channels and also participated in the popular TV show The Great Indian Laughter Show. He has a huge collection of one liners and jokes, and with an extraordinary talent of deriving laughter on the spot by his observation makes him capable enough to run a show for hours all alone . With a smile on his face he adds drops of sarcasm in his writings which make his performance more effective.

For Kavi Sammelan