Anil Chaubey a poet from Banaras who first of all got his doctorate in poetry itself and is committed towards poetry. Known for his extra ordinary skills of writing on the toughest topics in rarest forms in the simplest way.  Anil Chaubey is one of the few poets known in the industry because of poetry and poetry only . He rather recites his Hindi chhands with joy even in mushayras and in places like Dubai. As an expert in attracting the attention of his audiences since the very first minute of his appearance. As a result he can make you laugh for hours through his poetry.  Many hosts quote his one liners on stages because his comments on different issues just gets viral on social media. He is one of the most favorite performers for the Kavi Sammelan Organizers because he can create wonders with his words and writings.

Hasya Kavi Anil Chaubey

In addition to poetry he also writes a column in a Hindi news paper which is quite popular among his readers.  Anil Chaubey knows almost all the skills and needs of the stage very well and as a result performs with full confidence in any circumstance. He also never leaves no stone upturned to entertain the audience. It is said in the industry that banaras is known for many things and the one thing which has been added to the list in the recent past is Anil Chaubey. Now a days in Hasya Kavi Sammelans it is a trend to perform with jokes and less poetry. Anil Chaubey is yet an exception to that trend and therefore keeps his performance in the traditional way. He also recites his Chhands and Muktaks which are humors that itself creates laughter.

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