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Poets Of India–Kavi Sammelan Organizers

POETS Of INDIA is not an event management company like others. We are a team of poets ourselves. We are the biggest organizer of Kavi Sammelan, seminars, workshops, conferences on the promotion of Indian Poetry.

POI has done more than 1000 successful programs which includes top educational institutions including IITs, NITs, another reputed engineering, and medical colleges, top PSUs e.g. ONGC, NTPC, SAIL, Indian Railways, Metro Railways, THDC, NHPC, etc. Armed Forces like CRPF, Indian Navy, Presidents Guards, and the list goes endless.

The team we configure for any program is according to the theme and requirements of that particular function, that’s the reason our every show is a hit show. Our approach for an educational institution is to deliver laughter and students content so that the crowd enjoys at its apex. 

Kavi Sammelan is a new and different kind of show  and can be a part of annual cultural or literary fests. a lot of videos are available on YouTube which shows how much students and faculty members enjoy. Our mission is to bring joy and stress free life and help others do the same. We deliver optimistic and diverse poetry, experiences, and points of view to our audience.

Hasya Kavi Sammelan Organizers.

Since its foundation, POI has treated Indian audiences to an art form that now, is becoming a big trend. With Poets like- Dr. Rahat Indori, Dr. Vishnu Saxena, Pratap Fauzdar, Anamika Ambar,  Jagbir Rathi, Sampat Saral, Charanjeet Charan, Vineet Pandey, Dr Kunwar Bechain, Surendra Sarthak, Dr Anil Chaubey, Gajendra Solanki, Manveer Madhur, Suman Dubey, Dinesh Bawra, Vinod Pal, Sudeep Bhola, Gaurav Chauhan and many more, we take pride in our obviously hilarious sense of humor.

To book a kavi sammelan you can call – 9711422713 or simply drop a message and we will get in touch with you.

vineet pandey kavi

Hasya Kavi Vineet Pandey
National Convener
Poets Of India – Kavi Sammelan Organizers


Top Celebrity Performers

pratap fauzdar
Pratap Fauzdar
gajendra solanki
Gajendra Solanki
rahat indori
Rahat Indori
vishnu saxena
Vishnu Saxena
sampat Saral
Sampat Saral
vineet pandey
Vineet Pandey
Charanjeet charan
Charanjeet Charan
Shambhu Shikhar
Shambhu Shikhar
Manveer Madhur
Manveer Madhur
sudeep bhola
Sudeep Bhola
Kunwar Bechain
Kunwar Bechain
Ashok Sundrani
Ashok Sundrani
Anamika Ambar
Anamika Ambar
shashikant yadav
Shashikant Yadav
Poonam Verma
Poonam Verma
Latoori Latth
Latoori Latth
sachin agrawal
Sachin Agrawal
Vinod Pal
Vinod Pal
jatinder parwaz
Jatinder Parwaz
preeti Vishwas
Preeti Vishwas

Hasya Kavi Sammelan Organizers

Hasya Kavi Sammelan

For those who don’t know about a kavi sammelan show, it’s a show consisting of poets (of Hindi) of different genres like family humor, romanticism, patriotism, etc who perform together to entertain the audience. These poets are usually laughter stars, TV faces, and some Bollywood lyricists. The show can have duration of 1 hrs to 4-5 hrs and the number of poets can vary from 2 to 6-7, according to the demand.

As one of India’s biggest Kavi Sammelan Organizers for live-entertainment, Poets Of India – The Kavi Sammelan Organizers is renowned for its stand-up shows. Poets of India has been working with some of India’s finest poetic talent to present fresh content and has hence developed a religious following.

hasya kavi sammelan organizers

POI Studio


POI Studio is an innovative initiative by POETS Of INDIA – Kavi Sammelan Organizers to bring forward the talented budding poets. the priority purpose behind this is to provide a platform for those who are actually looking for it. Furthur’s extended motto is to establish a connection between the poets and the audience so that the creativity of the budding performers can be introduced and could be spread to a larger audience.

In this format, a video clip of the recital of poems in front of a live audience of each participant will be recorded and will be broadcasted on different social media platforms so that the reach of the performance could be maximum. 

for more details CLICK HERE

poi studio

Lapete Me Netaji

Lapete Me Netaji is an Indian Weekend television show broadcasted on Hindi News channel News 18 India at 8 pm on Saturdays and at 10 pm on Sundays. The show received a huge appreciation all over the world and has one of the biggest viewership.
Each episode is hosted by the star anchor Kishore Ajwani. In this show, a celebrity guest (usually a national-level politician) is invited, and poets raise current issues related to their political stand on various contemporary issues. 

Lapete Me Netaji Kavi names

Names Popular Poets who participate in the show are Pratap Fauzdar, Sudeep Bhola, Vineet Pandey, Gaurav Chauhan, Hemant Pandey, Shambhu Shikhar, Avneesh Tripathi, Megh Shyam Megh, Sunil Sahil, Chirag Jain, Sachin Agrawall, Sharif Bharti, Ajay Anjaam, Bhagwan Makrand. The format of the show consists of 4 poets, one guest, one anchor, and an audience. there are different segments in the show where the guest is asked various questions to answer 

Lapete me Netaji Latest episodes.

To watch Lapete Me Netaji latest episodes click here.

Lapete Me Netaji timings –

Saturday 8 pm and Sunday 10 pm, on News 18 India.

To invite Poets of Lapete Me Netaji for Hasya Kavi Sammelan. Call 9711422713 or send a message. To send message click here.   

Featured Photos
kavi sammelan organizers
kavi sammelan organizers
kavi sammelan organizers
kavi sammelan organizers
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Pratap Fauzdar

Charanjeet Charan

Vineet Pandey

Allhad Bikaneri

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